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Happiness all the way. Let the flowers give it a sway. Join our Certified Instructor Module (CIM) today.

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At clay flower we not only create but also teach the craft of making beautiful and distinct life like flowers.We exclusively specialize in the formation of deco clay art. It is assured, that you will find the presented deco clay art pieces at our studio to be most fascinating and exquisite, in taste and nature.

These handmade clay flowers have the ability to stay in a perfect condition, over a time period of several decades. The material used for deco clay art is light weighted, very soft, and can be air dried. No need to waste time on the heat cure or frying archaic methodologies, to dry your clay. The most superlative feature of deco clay art is the absence of pollen allergies, while you can enjoy the beauty of a flower all the same. The pieces you design with clay flowers can be used for weddings, in home decorations or just a simple gift to a dear friend.

In clay flower studio the designers are able to craft extremely delicate flowers, petals and stems without the fear of breakage. The flowers created will almost last you forever. Even the colors used to create these handmade flowers will result in permanency. At clay flowers we teach the designers to mix two different colors of clay and kneaded them until it gives a uniform shade of desire. Also the use of adhesive and wires in various fashions are also taught. Using a variety of skills infused, the designer will be able to produce large floral arrangements for weddings and big events.

At clay flowers new craftsmen will be taught all the ropes of the trade, allowing them to work on their own, at a later time. With the bouquets, figurines and unique accessories that are created as Deco clay art, in our studio, the designer seated deep inside you is bound to stir up. We at clay flowers are willing to help you, bring out your creative inner self. A little push from a clay flower, blended with your desire to learn, will lead you to success.