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How would you spend this Sunday? Any plans? Planning to go out? Rowing boat race sounds awesome… How about a picnic on the first weekend of April? Take the wonderful opportunity and enjoy the BNY Melon Boat Race 2014.

The BNY Mellon Boat Race is one of most archaic and iconic in the UK. On River Thames, every year at the end of March or on the first weekend of April a race between Oxford and Cambridge boat club takes place. Pick on whose blue side are you on. Where Oxford is representing the Dark Blue team, Cambridge can be seen in a Light Blue Boat. All eight individual players are well equipped with discipline, power, commitment and passion for winning.

This race was first initiated in 1829 by Charles Merivale, when he and his Harrovian friend challenged Oxford to race on Thames. Since that time this tradition has been carried out annually, except for WW1 & 2.

BNY Mellon is one of the investment giants globally and is known to for their combination of intelligence and strength. In the market since 1784, has been a strong supporter of Oxford Cambridge University Boat Race. BNY has been a sponsor of this Boat Race for the past years.

With thousands of viewers watching live and on TV the rowers fight the extreme battle of nerves for 4 and a quarter miles. With Atlas cars of London is at your service, why sit at home when you can be there for the real thing. Imagine the heat, power and glory of the crew. Witness the toughest sport in the world live on the banks of River Thames.

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