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Eye Sizer – Jumbo

The Jumbo Eye Sizer is tool is used for shaping and defining flower petals. Made of plastic and will not stick to pieces for easy handling.

Ball end sizes = 1.5″ and .75″

  • Model: 720

DECO 12 Color Acryl Gouache Paint Set

DECO 12 Color Acryl Gouache Paint Set
Gouache creates flawless, flat color areas, which are more difficult to attain in watercolors. Gouache paints are heavier and more opaque, with greater reflective qualities and doesn’t change when it’s dry as acrylics do, thereby allowing it to be re-wetted and re-worked if neede

  • Model: 262

DECO White Glue

DECO White Glue is specially formulated to work perfectly with our clay. Dries clear and stays flexible while bonding strong and fast.

*In 5 ounce size

  • Model: 274

Ryoba Cutter

Our dual sided Ryoba Cutter is perfectly designed for cutting and shaping clay. Useful in all types of clay work.

*6.5″ in length, wood handle and stainless steel blade

  • Model: 279

Roller / Press Bar

Roller / Press Bar to flatten and stretch clay. Special non-stick rolling surface for ease of use.

*14″ in length, light blue in color

  • Model: 278

Detail Stick, metal

This metal Detail Stick is useful in creating flower petals, leaves and detail work. It has a nice balance and weight.

* 6″ in length, made of stainless steel

  • Model: 281

Texturizing Brush

This Texturizing Brush is essential for many techniques of texturizing clay pieces. This tool is also needed when creating figurines.

*4.25″ in length, various colors, made of plastic

  • Model: 287
  • Texture Brush, small

    This texture brush is used for adding lines, marks or textures to clay pieces. This tool is used in a wide variety of clay work from flowers to figurines.

    *Made of aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Model: 285
  • DECO Thin Blade Scissors

    Our original and indispensible Thin Blade Scissors. Perfectly designed for all types of clay work.

    *4.25″ in length, Made of stainless steel in Japan

  • Model: 282