As much as we enjoy making clay flowers, we relish the art of teaching this craft to other people. Especially to those who appreciate the beauty and novelty of this skilled activity. We at Clay Flowers arrange for you an opportunity to make, design and decorate your special day as per your imagination. In order to help you bring your dream wedding to reality, Clay Flowers offer you three types of training courses. With each course you will be recommended to use Clay Flowers own curriculum textbooks.
If you are willing to learn, Clay Flowers is ready to teach

The three types of training courses followed at Clay Flower are:

  • Trial class
  • Curriculum C1 Course
  • Curriculum C2 Course
  • Trial class:
    Get in touch with your creative self. Feel the clay and the power of creating real beauty with it. Come to our Trail Class and we guarantee that by the end of the session, you will acquire the skills of sculpting a rose, its leaves, beautiful photo frames and brooches. For Clay Flowers Trail Class you don’t even need to bring your own crafting material. All the required raw art material will be provided to you. This class will cost £20/session only. Please contact us for further details.

    Curriculum C1 Course:
    Curriculum C1 Course consists of 10 to 12 sessions for a duration time of 2 hours each. In these lessons, students will be taught to sculpt various flowers. By the end of the 12th session you will completed 10 projects, as illustrated in your curriculum textbooks. All Crafting materials are available at Clay Flower Craft Studio Shop. Students of C1 course will be given 10% off on any clay purchase. Each session will cost £30/-.

    Curriculum C2 Course:
    Curriculum C2 Course trains students in accomplishing complicated professional décor assignment. This course focuses on large projects such as bridal bouquets, office events, etc. C2 comprises of 10 to 12 lessons with a time span of 2hours per session. Each lesson will be charged at £30/-. You will receive 15% discount on any clay you purchase.

    Membership fee: $50/-
    Upon the completion of Curriculum 1 & 2 students can purchase certificate. Cost of certificate $50/-