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Bookings /Cancellations
All booking shall be made via authorized personnel. Any sort of order will only be considered executable until confirmed by the buyer via an email, a text message (SMS) or a telephonic call.

At Clay Flowers prices for sale of products and training session are fixed. Client/Customer when purchasing or ordering should clearly state his/her requirement. Company shall not be held liable for any misinterpretations at the customer/client end. Clay Flowers will not be responsible for an order not meeting up to customers’ needs; due to any vagueness at the client’s end at the time of narrating his/her requests to the authorized personnel. If the representative of the company feels the order cannot be complied to at the time of placement. S/he has the full authority to decline the order. Company will not liable for any loss or delays due to an incomplete address, act of God or climatic conditions. In case, any of the company representatives are assaulted physically/verbally while making an order delivery drop off, at the clients door step. The client at whose door step the assault took place, would be held responsible for the act and will be asked to pay punitive damages. In case of parcel delivery, recipient’s details should be clearly mentioned. If not, the company is not accountable for any loss, damage or wrong delivery of your package.