Privacy Policy

Our services can be used by the user in various ways. On behalf of our clients’ confidentiality, we want to be sure on; how we tend to use their information and in which ways can we protect their privacy. Clay Flowers have tried to keep their privacy policy as uncomplicated as possible. We understand your discretion so whether you’re a new customer or an old one. Please make it a point, to read our privacy policy and become aware of our practices.

Information We Collect:

The information we collect from the user is based on the intention of providing better and upgraded services. During the collection of data the client might be asked to narrate which course s/he enrolled on and how was your experience of the particular curriculum. This detailed evidence will later on aid Clay Flower in the development of new and improved curriculum.

Access Information:

Whenever the user aims to use our services, s/he is given sanction to access his/her personal information, unless the company has to use it for legitimate business or legal purposes. By allowing this, the clients can verify/modify tabs on their own information. The company is authorized to decline or discard any request by the client, which is considered unreasonable, require misappropriate effort, risk privacy of other client/staff, etc.